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1) Where was the world's first human heart transplant performed in 1967?
Cape Town, South Africa

2) Who wrote "A Pilgrim's Progress"?
John Bunyan

3) How many days do ants live on average?

4) What did psychologist Carl Jung

5)Which country split from Ethiopia with a peaceful vote?

6)Which Canadian painter, born and educated in Scotland, painted large-format works using Lucite?
Jock MacDonald

7) A dependent clause can never be what?
A sentence

8) Which pairs of minerals are almost always found together?
Azurite and Malachite

9) What country did
king Hussein rule

10) How often do you take medicine labeled Q.I.D.?
4 times a day

11) What special disease does an endocrinologist

12) Which literary term means a story illustrating a moral lesson?

13) Which leader was known for a "Cultural Revolution
Mao Zedong

14)What type of art emerged at exhibition titled "The Young Contemporaries
" in 1961?
Pop Art

15) In which sea animal species does the male carry the young?

16) What is a Herkimer diamond?
Quartz Crystal

17) With whom was Gatsby obsessed in Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby"?

18) Which was the last province to enter confederation in Canada?

19) Which of these medical terms means "to leak outside of a blood vessel"?

20) Which word can be a linking verb ?

21) What is the capital of Australia's Northern Territory?

22) Where in England was the Magna Carta signed in 1215?
A field near Runnymede

23)Who was the father of Hercules ?

24) In what year Renoir paint "Spring Bouquet"?

25) Which is the world's largest lizard?
The Komodo Dragon

26) What is the first thing you do to a wound that is bleeding profusely?
Apply direct pressure

27) Which of these is an example of personification?
Weary Street Echoes with pain

28) Which is Earth's nearest neighbor in space?
The Moon

29) Who set a record for days in space by a woman in 1995?
Elena Kondakova


30) Which of these is a kingdom in the classification of living things?

31) What are the three main colors of the African Liberation Flag?
Red Black Green

32) In medical terms, what does the suffix "-genic
" mean?

33)What is another name for the West Indies

34) Which of the following grows the tallest?
California Redwood Tree

35) What can produce a shock of up to 650 volts?
C. Electric Eel

36) Which is a plural possessive word?

37) You can visit Alcatraz prison in which of these states?

38) Whom did Churchill call the "American Carnot" in WWII?
George Marshall

39) What means having two eyes facing forward?
Forward Vision

40)Which artist was called "Jack the Dripper"?
Jackson Pollock

41) What color is lobster's blood?

42)What unit is force measured in?

43) Famous painter Picasso
went by the first name of?

44) What is a salpingoophrectomy?
Removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries

45) Which medical term means "based on experience"?

46) Who wrote the novel "Little Women
Louisa May Alcott

47) Which sea separates Asia Minor
from Greece?

48) What does a present perfect progressive verb express?
Past Action Which Continues

49) Where are the mineral-rich Star Mountains?
In Papua New Guinea

50) What is the addictive chemical in cigarettes?

51) Which war was concluded by the Treaty of Utrecht?
War Of Spanish Succession

52) Which 2 of these medications are antibiotics?
Biaxin and levaquin

53) Which Ernest Hemingway story is about abortion?
Hills Like White Elephants

54) What is the energy from the internal heat of the earth called?
Geothermal Energy

55) What was the original name of Burkina Faso?
Upper Volta

56) The medical term "triple zero" refers to what?
Absence of Pulse, Respirations Or Blood Pressure

57) What layer of the skin is just below the surface?

58) What is an Oophorectomy?
Removal of the Ovaries

59) What leader said: "The great art of governing consists in not letting men grow old in their jobs"?
A. Napoleon

60) How many people are rescued alive from the ice cold waters surrounding the great Titanic?

61) In "Pinocchio", what are all the bad boys on Pleasure Island changed into?

62) On which diagnostic test would PVCs found?

63) Where is an earthquake's epicenter?
On the surface above the focus

64) What post-impressionist artist is known for painting Tahitian subject matter?
Paul Gauguin 


65) Who was the Israeli prime minister during the 1973 war?
Golda Meir

66) Which country covers the largest total area?
Virgin Islands

67) Which word is preposition?

68) Which is another name for a red blood cell?

69) Which of these scientific instruments measures mass?
Analytical Balance

70)In what country is Stonehenge located?

71) The Heidelberg School was a group of landscape painters located near which large city?

72) What is the largest island in Baltic Sea?

73) The Jurassic period was found in which era?

74) What punctuation ends a declarative sentence?
A Period

75) How tall was the single piece of marble Michelangelo used to create "David"?
17 feet

76) Which painkiller was recalled in 1982 because of product tampering?

77) Who does Heathcliff love in Charlotte Bronte's Classic Novel "Wuthering Heights"?
A. Catherine Earnshaw

78) What is the term used to describe the inflammation of the brain?

79) Who is the speaker of the dialogue "Go now", Mary said?

80) What do the words "Dalai Lama" mean?
Ocean Of Wisdom

81) What is the syllabic pattern of the haiku?

82) What is the population of the former Portuguese territory of Macau, which was returned to china in 1999?
Approximately 450,000

83) Who was the "Grate Grey Poet"?
Walt Whitman

84) Which Irish city would you be near if you were at Dun Laoghaire port?

85) A meter is equivalent to how many millimeters?

86) Which type of poetry is in a long narrative style?

87) Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting of a night sky with swirling yellow stars is called what?
Starry Night

88) On which continent is Burundi located?

89) If you are talking about electricity, what does "DC" stand for?
Direct Current

90) What is the capital of east Timor?

91) How long does it take for the Earth to rotate around completely on its axis?
24 hours

92) When a person says they are allergic to cats, what are they really allergic to?

93) Which poetry term means the repetition of vowel sounds?

94) What GATT stand for?
General Agreement On Trade And Tariffs

95) In medical terms, what does the suffix "-lysis" mean?

96) What is Pablo Picasso's daughter's name?

97) Who is the father in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?
Atticus Finch

98) What ethnic group is primarily afflicted with sickle cell anemia

99) What fraction of Earth's gravity is the Moon's gravity?

100) Which Brazilian state was the major producer of gold for the Portuguese crown in the 18th century?
Minas Gerais

101) Which conjunctions are always together?
Whether, Or

102) What does the name "Iwo Jima" mean in Japanese?
Sulfur Island

103) How many legs do insects have?

104) Which is a noun used as an adjective
in this phrase: bean soup and bread?

105) What military leader is quoted as saying "I came, I saw, I conquered?"
Julius Caesar

106) The peanut is really a what?

107) Which artist most famously employed the technique know as pointillism?

108) What BMI stand for?
Body Mass Index

109) Which sentence contains a verb in the present perfect tense?
I have eaten all of the pie

110) Who developed the vaccine for polio?
Jonas Salk

111) Which sea lies at one end of the Great Wall of China?
The Yellow Sea

112) What famous artist worked in a loft called "The Factory
Andy Warhol

113) Where are carpal bones

114) What form of writing uses mostly dialog

115) Where are the Pampas located?

116) Alexander Fleming won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of what?

117) Matters related to what sense are referred to as olfactory?

118) What is the name for a 100 foot tall tidal wave?

119) Which of these is not a plant?
Marsh Hawk

120) What is the capital city of New Brunswick, Canada?

121) What is the name for the submerged fringe of a continent?
Continental Shelf

122) What organ does a deer lack? 

Gall bladder

123) What type of animal is an Arctic tern?

124) Which country is the Ananda Temple
located in?

125) The Louvre is located in what country?

126) Which of these brain structures is part of the limbic system

127) where did Ponce de Leon go to look for the fountain of youth?

128) In what capital city would you find the [Bob] Marley museum?


129) What country did Iraq invade in 1990, based on claims of disputed oil?

130) Which of these does not have the Union Jack on its flag?

131) What is the first priority in a trauma code?

132) What war was said at the time to be “the war to end all wars”?
World War I

133) The medical term "stratify" is best defined as?
Arrange In Groups For Analysis Of Results

134) Which sentence contains a verb in the past perfect tense?
He Had Studied Law Before Then

135) What name did Jacques Cousteau call his main research vessel?


136) What is the region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter called?
Asteroid Belt

137) What word means to think about something and then do it on purpose?

138) How is Indira Gandhi related to Mohandas Gandhi? 

Not Blood Related

139) What is magma, which has surfaced through a volcanic eruption?

140) What is the most abundant element in the known universe?

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